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When you meet a man of God, there are three things you must do. You must

contact,connect and collect the grace on his life. Many people are able to

contact but are not able to connect. Others are able to contact and connect but

are not able to collect the grace on the man of God. Your ultimate aim must be

to collect the grace after you have contacted and connected.No two ministers of

the gospel or prophets are the same. Everyman that God calls is not called

because of his educational background or with respect to his past. Whenever God

wants to call a man , He looks beyond the human qualification of that man. When

a man of God is anointed it means God Himself has graced that man to do what

he is supposed to do. The work of the ministry is a supernatural calling and

because it is a supernatural calling it needs supernatural enabling power. Nobody

can do the work of God with his natural strength . Your intellectual capacity will

never qualify you for ministry. It is the anointing that comes upon a man that

makes him do what God wants him to do.

Grace upon men of God

There is grace of God on every man of God.And the grace of God is the hand of

god that comes upon the man of God to enable him do the things he able to do.

The grace of God is the power and the presence of God that takes a man from

the realms of natural to the realm of the supernatural to perform a natural

assignment in the name of the supernatural.When God empowers a man, he

moves the man from the realm of the natural to the realm of the supernatural to

do the things that God would have done if He were physically here on earth. The

grace of god is the distinctive factor between two people. Someone can be more

qualified than you are but when the man carries grace disgrace vanishes.

Jesus Needed The Anointing

For thirty years Jesus was around as a carpenter’s son and was working a as a

carpenter. He was like any other person even though He was the Son of God. The

power to distinguish Him from others had then not come upon Him. He looked so

natural so normal and so ordinary till the day he encountered John the Baptist.

Every divine contact will need a human introduction. You cannot just be born

again by yourself . if you read the Bible by yourself and nobody teaches you the

Bible and no one is your pastor then it will be very difficult for us to believe where

you are coming from. Anything that does not have a root is a very dangerous

thing. If we don’t know who your pastor is it brings a lot of questions. Jesus had

a pastor called John the Baptist,he was His mentor. When Jesus encountered

John the Baptist he baptized Him. Jesus did not baptized Himself. The Bible says

the heavens were opened and suddenly the carpenter’s son became famous. The

same man who spent thirty years as an ordinary man became famous n three


Acts 10:38 “ How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and

with power :who went about doing good ,and healing all that were oppressed

of the devil; for God was with Him.”

There is something which when it comes upon a man he begins to do good. That

is the anointing. May the anointing com upon you in Jesus name.

Age and Experience Could Not Help Peter

When Peter met Jesus with his experience he realized that experience will only

make him expensive. After peter and the other fishermen had toiled all night and

could not catch any fish,their experience could not help them. But when Jesus

spoke a word and they responded to His word, they were able to catch lots of

fish. Even though Peter was older than Jesus Christ his age and experience could

not end the struggle to catch fish all night long without success. It took the

grace upon Jesus for Peter to do well in his fishing business. Experience will only

make you expensive but revelation will make you relevant.

Children of God,Sons of God and Men of God

It is maturity that makes you a mentor. Grow to become a son. There is a

difference between children of God,sons of God and men of God. Children cannot

handle everything. You cannot give your five year child a gun or a car to use. If

you remain a child of God there are many things you can never receive. The heir

as long as he remains a child is not different from a slave even though he is lord

of all. When you grow up in the Lord you become a son. A son can represent the

father anywhere. God wants us to come to a dimension where we determine what

happens around us. And this can only be done when we grow . Jesus was

baptized by John the Baptist and the Bible says the heavens were opened and a

voice came saying this is my beloved son. It is only maturity that can make God

ask “have you considered my servant Job?” Jesus received something

supernatural at the baptism by John and He also released it unto us . children

hold back when they receive but sons give away what they receive. When Jesus

matured and became a man Peter met Jesus and resigned from Peter Fishery

International to follow Jesus because he saw what was greater than the greatest

You need to contact,connect and collect the grace

You need to contact,connect and collect the grace on the man of God. I meet

many people who thin that I am not qualified to carry what I carry but I carry it

by grace.The grace of God has the answer to many problem.Every man God calls

has grace upon his life and any one who comes around the grace receives

anointing to terminate disgrace . when peter the fisherman came around Jesus he

receive grace to do what Jesus would have done if he were around.Joshua came

around Moses and received the grace for the children of Israel to listen to

him.Elisha followed Elijah and after sometime Elisha started doing the things

Elijah was doing.The Shunamite woman met Elisha an received a prophecy to bear

a child. The prophecy came to pass because of the grace upon Elisha.When the

woman connected to the grace,disgrace vanished from her life.Contacting the

man of God alone is not enough. You need to contact, connect and collect the

grace on his life. The grace on Jesus changed the lives of Peter and the rest.

Many people are able to contact but are not able to connect and others also

contact and connect but are not able to collect the grace on the man of

God.When you meet a man of God you must contact,connect and collect the

grace on his life.