Be Bothered!

Sunday 2nd April 2017

‘…God even knows how many hairs you have on your head…’ Luke 12:7 NCV

If you watch a couple who are totally in love, there’s a sparkle in their eyes as they look at each other. It’s their love language. Do you know that God has his own love language? Check out the Bible. It’s full of adventure, God saving his people, and songs about how much he loves and longs to be loved. And the amazing thing is the Bible was written for you; so you could get to know God, and see how he feels about you.

Sometimes we think God will only speak to us in church, or if we’ve prayed for five hours. Some of us believe that unless the world is ending we shouldn’t bother God. Guess what? God is bothered! He is bothered about what you have to say, what kind of day you’re having, what you’re bothered about and, you know what, he’ll keep on being bothered until the day you die!

Listen: ‘…God even knows how many hairs you have on your head…’ (Luke 12:7 NCV). If God can be bothered to keep a tab on how much hair you have, then surely he wants to know about the choices you make, the stuff that hurts your feelings and what makes you happy!

So what now? Start to include God in every part of your life, even the littlest things. You’ll find that the bigger picture begins to become clearer and make more sense. Today, don’t just muddle through; get him involved and take a moment to thank him that he’s bothered!