Names are Important

Monday 13th March 2017

‘…I will…give…each one…a new name…’ Revelation 2:17 CEV

Names are important. Napoleon knew the names of thousands of his soldiers. University President Charles E Eliot knew the name of every individual student. The Bible is filled with people whose new names had special significance, like Simon renamed Peter, Jacob renamed Israel, and Saul whose name was changed to Paul. Even Mary got told to call her new baby ‘Jesus’. God’s big on names. In Revelation, he says that he’ll give us all ‘a new name’ Revelation 2:17 CEV).

Have you ever had someone important unexpectedly remember your name? It’s a great feeling. When you meet new people it’s not by accident; God planned it.

If you’re not great with names, rather than apologising for being ‘hopeless with names,’ how about making a real effort to remember them? It can make a real difference to making someone feel you care. Here are three ways to help you remember: (1) When you’re introduced to someone, repeat their name. Using someone’s name straight away helps it to sink in; (2) Association – link the name to something or someone with the same name. Think of something it reminds you of or rhymes with, eg. Kelly and Jelly! (3) Introduce them to others using their name and repeat it to yourself.

So what now? Use people’s names when you’re talking to them: those who serve you at the supermarket, friends at school or work, your closest family. Watch them respond differently. People are important, therefore their names are too.