Beware Of Native Doctors In Suits On The Pulpit! from:

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I am so dumbfounded, perplexed and amazed at the kind of Christians we have today. I do not understand what is going on in so many called churches. Neither do I understand the so called Christians that attend the shrines turn churches. I can’t help myself but ask, what Bible do this people read? Is it the same Bible I have or there is another type of Bible that they read that leave them brainwashed. I do not understand why most Christians of today will rather choose to put man in the place of God in their lives. It is amazing how the people of God have reduced themselves from the level of humans to the level of animals. Having minds but never using them. Brains that never get to think or question the falsehood that it dished to them.

It all started with people going to their pastors to pray for them, which there is nothing wrong about. But my question is do you have to call your pastor or go to your pastor’s office for prayers over every little thing in your life? What stops you from talking to God about your problems and needs yourself? This only tells me how far many Christians are from God and how much most Christians do not have a personal relationship with God. The scripture said those that are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God, not those that are led by pastors. It didn’t stop there; Christians started paying money to their pastors (native doctors) for prayers. I really do not understand where in the Bible this was ever practice or where Jesus charged anyone to pray for them.

Then the so God Pastors started going deeper in their practices. They prophecy and tell you how your family members and friends are the ones killing you and are after your progress. They celebrate the devil and make so many dramas all in the name of casting out demons. Where in the Bible did we find these kinds of practices? When did Jesus or the disciples ever give this kind of prophecies? Inflicting fear in the hearts of people and turning them against their family and friends. Why do they have to know the source of the demon or problem before casting the demon out? Where in the Bible did we get this doctrine from? Is it from Jesus or from the disciples or from the early church?

It has now gotten to the point whereby these native doctors turn pastors will tell their members to eat grass and they will eat. Flog members as a sign of discipline and match on pregnant women all in the name of casting out demons.

It was out in the news recently, how an innocent little child was chained in the church for days without food or water just because according to the native doctor who called himself a pastor and also the father of the child, he stole meat.

I sincerely think it is high time the government in the different nations in Africa and especially Nigeria begin to take a close look at these churches that violate human rights. These shrines called churches has to be closed down and urgently too.

My heart goes out to the innocent children that have been a victim of these practices. I want to call on every Christian to go back to their Bible and study it for their selves. Build a personal relationship with God and let the Holy Spirit lead you that is the only way you will overcome these evil days.

Stop running about for miracles. Stop trying to get something for nothing. Many people have become a victim in the hands of these native doctors (pastors) because of greed and the lack of desire for hard work. Do not be deceived my brethren, for it is written in the last days many false prophets shall arise. Be very careful who you follow and listen to. Make sure you weigh their teachings on the world of God. If it is not in line with the world of God then it is from the pit of hell.


By Dr. Bien Sufficient