Rev Faithman


Stewardship a call to labour.

We are not just workers but labourers in the kingdom.

Jesus called labourers. Matt.4:19

Jesus prayed for labourers. Matt.9:37,38

Call to harvest demands labourers.

If you are not prepared to labour, you are not fit to be a steward in this kingdom.

Only labours have reward. Lk.10:7

Only labourers are paid. Heb.6:10

Only labourers can be steadfast – 1 Cor.15:58

It is labourers that are favoured. Ps.102:13,14

What is Labour?

It is exerting force on your duty.
It is expending energy on your assignment.
It is sweating to see your job done.
A labourer is one who does the least of work (dust) in this kingdom.